Our Best Friends…

cropped-summer-of-2015-038.jpgWelcome to “Head to Tail PetWear”.  I have been a servant of our cherished 4 legged friends most of my life. (5 Westies have owned me over the past 30 years!) They have assured me there  is a little bit of animal in all of us, which makes sense that there is also a little bit of human in all of our lovely 4 legged friends.

What better way to honor that thought than to allow your pets to dress as stylish as you do.  If you encounter a special request from your special Buddy,  let us know since we aim to improve the family bonds any way we can.

I have experienced Wags and Whimpers, Barks and  Bluffs, Meows and Murrs.  You name it, my pets have used every trick in the book on me.  I have promised them we will offer special events such as Birthday Bark songs, “Our Best Friends” Weekly specialties, Matching Uniform specials for the sports fans, Monthly Whimsical Photos, and many other unique experiences for your valuable family members.

Please be a browser (or a bowser) as you check through our site of various items related to all aspects of out pet’s lives.  Find out what might bring delight, comfort, joy & a smile to our very best “unconditional life friends”.  And  if you don’t see it “Bark”out a comment to us!
Happy wagging  ^-^ ^-^

Bark of the Week
“A Dog naps so much because it loves so hard”





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