Our Best Friends…

cropped-summer-of-2015-038.jpgWelcome to “Head to Tail PetWear”. I have been a servant of our cherished 4 legged friends most of my life. (5 Westies have owned me for the past 30 years!). They have convinced me there is a little bit of animal in all of us, which makes sense that there is a little bit of human in all of our lovely furry friends.

What better way to honor that thought than to allow your pets to dress as stylish as you do. If you encounter a certain request from your special Buddy, let us know since we aim to help you improve the family bonds any way we can.

I have experiences Wags and Whimpers, Barks and Bluffs, Meows and Murrs, you name it, my pets have used it on me. I have promised them we will offer special events such as Birthday “Bark Songs, “Our Best Friends” Weekly Specials, matching uniforms for the Sports Fans, Monthly Whimsical Photos,and many other unique experiences for your valuable family members.

Please be a browser (or a bowser). As you check through our site to see what might bring delight, comfort, joy, and a smile to your very best “Unconditional Life Friends”. And remember..if you don’t see it “Bark” out a comment to us.
Happy wagging…

4 thoughts on “Our Best Friends…

  1. Hi Kathy, well done with your website I think it’s really lovely and and special product, I have cats and will be checking in to see what winter wear is available for my kitties best wishes Craig

  2. What a sweet picture :) I have dogs, cats and a rabbit. My daughter is a vet tech and all her little dogs where clothes and love it.
    I can’t dress my Great Pyrenees but if I could, would definitely be a conversion and I would load their 100 lbs each into the car and show them off lol.
    I can not wait to see what products you will show as you build your site. The site is nice and I love the theme pages you are offering .
    I will be back when you start posting and will send my daughter to you site.

    1. Hi Tammy, and thanks for visiting us. I appreciate your feedback and am vigorously trying to complete the setup.
      Also thanks for referring your daughter to my site…we need to keep our 4 legged companions “happy”.
      Warm Regards, Leo, Bella, & Kathy

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