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2014-2015 035Our Mom has always been a victim to “Doggie Luv”. We have encouraged her to offer this site as a way to bring unity to all pets and their owners.
Whether large or small, Pedigree, Designer, or Heinz 57…Loyalty, Devotion, Courage, and most of all Love…,we 4 legged companions are vital to your lives, and as all of us know, we definitely know how to train you, our “Owners”…
At “Head to Tail PetWear” we strive to provide you with quality and unique clothing and accessories that deem your pet the envy of the neighborhood.
Since we are huge baseball fans, we highly recommend attire with the Professional Team of your choice. This is always a great conversation piece (or argument) in any setting. Plus its fun bonding as we all watch and cheer (or boo) for our team with our uni’s on.
If you have a special request from your pet and can’t find it here, let us know…we do this all the time and Mom goes crazy trying to please us!!
Have Fun shopping and matching “style to Pet”.
Westies; Leo  and little sister Bella ^-^ ^-^

4 thoughts on “About US…

  1. GREAT web site Kathy. I will share with my Cathy now. The Pictures are ADORABLE !

    Steve and Cathy Cox (from WA)

    1. Thanks Steve,
      Anyone that’s a pet owner knows they have us at “Bark, Lick and the Story in their eyes”. Enjoy your little guys too.
      Kathy (Mom to Leo & Bella)

    1. They’ll look great in that Dodger Blue! Thanks for being a part of our favorite season.
      Leo & Bella ^-^ ^-^

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